How to Customize Posters and Factsheets

Adding your logo to the posters

You will need a program that can edit Adobe Acrobat files. Acrobat Reader (the free version of the program) can not edit the files. There are many different programs that edit PDF files, including the "Professional" version of Adobe Acrobat.

First, save a copy of the poster file to your hard drive.

If you are Using Adobe Acrobat Professional, open the file, go to "Tools," select "Advanced Editing," then "TouchUp Object Tool."

'Draw' a rectangle around the area shown in the figure below

This will select an otherwise invisible box. 'Right Click' on that box and select "Place Image."

Go to the directory where the logo file is stored, select it and hit the "Open" button.

This will place the file into frame, which you can now resize and move into the correct position.

Note that Acrobat can only place bitmap files (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif) using this method. If your logo is vector art, it will need be converted to bitmap first.