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Don't Drip & Drive - Fix that leak!

Who should attend:

Open to EVERYONE in Puget Sound region who drives a car! Whether you are a:

  • new driver
  • a do-it-yourselfer
  • new car owner
  • have a question or a problem with your car
come to this FREE workshop to increase your knowledge about your car and auto leaks.

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What you can do...

Don’t Drip and Drive:
Fix That Leak!

FREE Auto Leaks Workshops - a $125 value

An oil leak is not only bad for your car: It pollutes your local waterways.

Does your car leak? Does it leave spots in your parking space? Want it inspected for FREE? Want to find out in one free class how to prevent and handle car leaks, and just how your car works? Want to jump start your car care knowledge? This workshop is for you!

Join the experts for our FREE monthly auto leaks workshops at a location near you. We don’t make you a mechanic, but we give you smarts to best look after your car and have a conversation with your mechanic or do it yourself. Learn basic car care – like checking your oil and fluids – that can help you catch problems — like leaks — before they become big and expensive. You will become a safer, more responsible car owner!

Space is limited: ONLY 15 participants per session! Classes fill quickly, so register now!

Register Here!

Workshop Locations

About the Workshops

Photo from an auto leaks workshop Every year, oil and other automotive fluids wash into Puget Sound and other waterways, hurting wildlife and habitat. Ecology and Seattle Public Utilities have teamed up with community colleges and some high schools to offer these free auto leaks workshops to help you learn about your car and make sound choices.

Certified automotive instructors teach the workshops at fully equipped auto-repair training centers.

How long is the workshop?

In just 2-4 hours, our workshops take you through the basics of vehicle maintenance. You can attend for only 2 hours if you want to skip the free car inspection (but, why would you want to do that?). Taking your car to a mechanic could cost you up to $80 for just a diagnosis. Why do that when you can get free unbiased advice.

The first hour is a class session, and you’re in the shop the rest of the time. We show you how to check under the hood- checking basic car systems and vital fluids (transmission oil, coolant, engine oil and brake fluid), belts, hoses, and filter. We also hoist your car and check underneath. Bring your questions, too.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • Basics of the engine system and the function of motor oil in an engine
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • How to recognize problems and talk to your mechanic
  • The causes of sludge buildup and the damage it can do to your engine
  • Sources of vehicle leaks and why they occur
  • How to identify and prevent leaks
  • Impacts of leaks on your vehicle
  • Tips on repairing common minor leaks
  • Potential safety hazards of vehicle leaks
  • Impacts of auto leaks on Puget Sound
  • How to properly clean up oil and fluid leaks
  • Selecting appropriate fluids for routine maintenance
  • How to check and properly change your vehicle’s motor oil
  • Proper disposal of automotive fluids and oil related materials
  • Steps for a pre-trip inspection

What You Get!

Besides peace of mind and a professional inspection of your car, you also receive a FREE vehicle maintenance check kit that includes a drip test sheet; fluid test strips, a funnel, an absorbent pad, tire pressure gauge and more.

Partners Working Together

For Questions, please contact:

Justine Asohmbom, Department of Ecology - or 425-6497108


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