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Washington Waters  Ours to Protect

Washington Waters Campaign Logos

Use the Washington Waters campaign logo to connect your local water quality projects to efforts across the state. Think about adding the logo to brochures or give-away items that carry your water quality message. And remember, it’s available for non-commercial uses only.

Let us know if you plan to use the logo so we can measure the effectiveness of this program. You may contact us if you have questions about using the logo.

Contact Sandy Howard at 360-407-6408

Logo files:
Choose the type and size of logo that works best for your project.

 get the Washington Waters logo in pdf

  • For print:
    These are vectored art files, in either Windows Metafile (.WMF) or Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) format. Once downloaded and saved to your hard drive, they can be inserted into your software application as you would any other ‘clip art.’

  • For the web:
    • Large - 400 px wide
      | GIF |
    • Small - 200 px wide, in oval
      | GIF |

Need technical information about the logo files?
Contact Tom Leonard at 360-407-6039