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Mobile Businesses

Keep dirt and grime
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Good Business Practices for Your Mobile Business

A mobile business is any business that does not operate from a fixed location. Mobile businesses are essential to our communities and like other businesses have the potential to pollute stormwater through their everyday business activities. How and where you dispose of the waste and wastewater from these activities matter.

For example, wastewater from carpet cleaning or pressure washing may contain dirt, soap, oil, grease, solvents, and other toxic chemicals. These common pollutants, if not properly managed can enter our waterways and harm the animals and plants that live there.

Mobile businesses have a role in keeping our lakes, rivers, marine and ground waters clean. Our health and economy depend on it. Knowing your role can help protect Washington waters, save you money in fines, and also prevent negative publicity about your business.

It’s good business practice to show your customers that you care about your local community and the environment.

What can my business do to prevent polluted runoff?

Please use these helpful focus sheets and other resources for information on how your business can prevent stormwater pollution!

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Carpet Cleaning
If wastewater from carpet cleaning is not disposed of properly, toxic chemicals can make their way into the storm drains or ditches and eventually into our waterways.

Learn good business practices that are recommended for carpet cleaning and wastewater disposal in our Carpet Cleaning focus sheet.

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Drain, gutter and duct cleaning services

Restaurant vent cleaning

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Preventing stormwater pollution is good business. See tips for carpet cleaning & wastewater disposal.
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It’s Not Just Water is here to help companies understand how to properly dispose of waste water resulting from their business practices.


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