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Washington Waters  Ours to Protect

Tool Kit - Other materials

The Washington Waters — Ours to Protect campaign provides a framework to help people change some of their behaviors that pollute Washington's lakes, rivers, wetlands and marine waters. The core of the campaign is this web site-based "tool kit" for local governments, organizations and citizens working on water quality projects.


Video to help raise awareness about how cleaning up your dog poop will improve water quality in Puget Sound ( and

Book Marks

Customize with your own logo and print as many as you need. Can be handed out at fairs or in classrooms. (Word doc format)

1) Puget Sound Starts Here:

Puget Sound Starts Here bookmarks

2) Only Rain Down the Drain #1:
Only Rain Down the Drain bookmarks - first set

3) Only Rain Down the Drain #2:
Only Rain Down the Drain bookmarks - second set

4) Cat/Dog/Fish to Color-in:
Cat/Dog/Fish to color-in bookmarks

Tip: Outreach folks can either:

  • Print the bookmarks on a one-side glossy heavy stock paper (suggest glossy photo print and natural reverse side for coloring with crayons, pencils, watercolors?, or ??)
  • Print the bookmarks on a lighter stock paper and after they are colored:
    • Slip the bookmarks into open-top vinyl pockets, or
    • Use an electric-heat laminator.

More coming soon!

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