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Washington Waters  Ours to Protect

Tools for Local Government
Tool Kit - Campaign materials

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The Washington Waters — Ours to Protect campaign provides a framework to help people change some of their behaviors that pollute Washington's lakes, rivers, wetlands and marine waters.

The core of the campaign is this web site-based "tool kit" for local governments, organizations and citizens working on water quality projects. Here you'll find ideas to help people make a BIG difference to the health of our waters and watersheds. Use it to discover incentives and remove barriers to improving water quality.

Use the tool kit for local water quality efforts.
You may copy the campaign materials, revise them based on your local needs, and use this information in your public education-outreach programs.

"Personalize" the materials to meet local water quality needs:

  • Use the tools and ideas that apply to your area.
  • Add your agency's contact information.
  • Use the campaign tools as a model for other issues.
  • Use the campaign logo to tie your public outreach and education efforts to the statewide campaign.

Tool Kit Materials:

  • Poster menu - download customizable posters and factsheets.
  • Other Materials - from bookmarks to bus ads, other materials you can use to promote your campaign.
  • Logos - Use the Washington Waters campaign logo to connect your local water quality projects to efforts across the state.
  • How to customize - how to add your logo or information to our posters

Tool Kit Topics

Tips and guidance for spreading the message of your clean water campaign, by topic:

Small farms manureSmall farms manure: Manage manure. Collect, cover and compost.

Dog poopDog poop: Scoop it. Bag it. Trash it!

Yard careYard care: Treat with care. Right dose at the right time

septicSeptic maintenance: Check it, fix it, maintain it.

boatingRecreational boats: Don't leave a sheen. Prevent drips, spills and overfills.

car washingCar washing: Don't feed soap to the storm drain. Wash right.

car maintenanceCar maintenance: Don't leave a sheen. Maintain your car


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