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State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan Update

About the Plan

The state is required to develop a state solid and hazardous waste plan, and update it regularly.

In updating the State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan, Ecology consulted with local governments, businesses, citizens, and environmental organizations across the state and provided three opportunities for commenting.

Comments and Other Documents

For the first comment period, we hosted an online survey and attended meetings to find out what people wanted to see in the plan update. Both a detailed and a concise summary of comments are available: We used these comments to create a first draft and received comments on the first draft: We then used comments on the first draft to write a second draft and again received comments on the second draft:
Vision for Moving Beyond Waste and Toxics
We can transition to a society where waste is viewed
as inefficient, and where most wastes and toxic substances
have been eliminated. This will contribute to economic,
social and environmental vitality.
Additional update documents include:

State Plan History

Earlier versions of the state solid and hazardous waste plan include: