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State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan Update

Sustainable Materials Management

To help reduce waste and toxics, the state plan, focuses on sustainable material management. This means using and reusing materials in the most sustainable way across their entire life cycle, from design, manufacturing and use, to end-of-life when the material is either disposed or recycled. This is important because the adverse environmental impacts of extraction, production, and use can be far greater than those associated with disposal.

Sustainable materials management helps conserve resources, reduces waste, slows climate change, and minimizes the adverse impacts of the materials we use. This is essential to meeting both today's needs and those of future generations.

Why Use a Sustainable Materials Management Approach

Sustainable Materials Management Programs at Ecology

Below is a list of Ecology's work in the areas of materials management. These programs provide more sustainable options for Washington's future.

Design and Production

Use and Reuse

End-of-Life Management