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ocean acidification montage showing a marine monitoring buoy and a closeup of marine zooplankton

Ocean Acidification and Washington State

Washington Marine Resources Advisory Council (MRAC)

The 2013 Legislature enacted Engrossed Senate Bill 5603 Section 4 creating the Washington Marine Resources Advisory Council, within the Office of the Governor. The Marine Resources Advisory Council’s membership includes legislative, executive, and elected officials, nongovernmental organizations, and private sector. Representatives from academic institutions and federal agencies have been invited by the Governor to participate.

The Marine Resources Advisory Council has the following powers and duties:

  1. To maintain a sustainable coordinated focus on ocean acidification;
  2. To advise and work with the Washington Ocean Acidification Center on the effects and sources of ocean acidification;
  3. To deliver recommendations to the Governor and Legislature on ocean acidification;
  4. To seek public and private funding resources to support the Advisory Council’s recommendations; and
  5. To assist in conducting public education activities regarding ocean acidification.

The Marine Resources Advisory Council will be informed by the extensive work of the WA Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification.


(all documents in PDF format)

March 17, 2017 - Blue Ribbon Panel “Refresh”

#13 – September 30, 2016 

#12 – August 15, 2016 

#11 – April 25, 2016

#10 – February 9, 2016

#9 – October 13, 2015

#8 – July 22, 2015

#7 – March 31, 2015

#6 – November 18, 2014

#5 – August 26, 2014

#4 – July 8, 2014

#3 – April 28, 2014

#2 - March 7, 2014

#1 - November 21, 2013

Council Members

Chair, Governor’s Designee:
Martha Kongsgaard, Chair Puget Sound Leadership Council

Steve Litzow — State Senator
Kevin Ranker — State Senator
Dave Hayes — State Representative
TJ Greene — Makah Tribe
Terry Williams — Tulalip Tribes
Bill Dewey — Puget Sound Shellfish Growers
Dick Sheldon — Coastal Shellfish Growers
Brian Allison — Commercial Fishing
Tony Floor — Marine Businesses
Joel Carben — Marine Recreation and Tourism, other than fishing
Mike Cassinelli — Recreational Fishing
Paul Dye — The Nature Conservancy
Gus Gates — Surfrider Foundation
Peter Goldmark — Commissioner of Public Lands
Michele Culver — Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Maia Bellon — Washington Department of Ecology
James Peters — Washington State Conservation Commission
Christine Woodward — Northwest Straits Commission
Kelly T. Wood — Representing largest businesses
Tom Davis — Washington State Farm Bureau
Lisa J. Graumlich — UW College of the Environment
Dennis J. McLerran — EPA Region 10
Norm Dicks — Congressman
Libby Jewett — NOAA Ocean Acidification Program
Steve Hollenhorst — Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University
Phil Rockefeller — Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Garrett Dalan — Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council

MRAC Documents


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