Watershed Planning Grant Information

2013-15 Grant Awards

02/12/2014 - Information on this page is out of date and will be replaced with current information.  Please contact Cathy Hubbard or Bill Zachmann for watershed plan implementation grant questions

Sample Letter for inviting Initiating Tribes (Phase 1)

Sample Letter for inviting Tribes into Planning Units (Phases 2 & 3)

Data Submittal - For Ecology-funded grant and loan projects that collect environmental monitoring data, submittal of the data is required to fulfill terms of the agreement. Ecology requires that data be submitted in a format compatible for upload into its Environmental Information Management System (EIM)

Instructions for submitting data are available on the website listed above. Follow the “Submit Data to EIM” link. There you will be instructed to download a Zip file containing three Excel data spreadsheets – one each in which to put information about your study, monitoring locations, and results. There are also three accompanying help documents, one for each data spreadsheet, as well as a Submittal Document Guide. Read the Submittal Document Guide first and then use the help documents to assist in filling out the data spreadsheets. Once the spreadsheets have been completed, send them to Ecology via email or postal mail per instructions on the EIM website. In the near future we will have a website where you will be able to upload your data to EIM. For help with your data submittal or for general questions, contact the Ecology EIM Data Coordinator through the EIM website.