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Watershed Management

Photograph of the Spokane River, Feb. 1996, by Doug Allen

Watershed Planning

The Watershed Planning Act was established by the Legislature in 1997 through adoption of RCW 90.82.  This new planning framework was part of an integrated approach to managing water resources in Washington.  Watershed Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) planning units meeting the Act’s requirements were authorized to apply for funding assistance for planning and implementing watershed plans.  The 1998 legislature passed Ch. 90.82 RCW, to set a framework for developing local solutions to watershed issues on a watershed basis.

Watershed Management

A total of 44 planning units initiated Watershed Plan development with State funding between 1998 and 2012.  Watershed plans were adopted by 33 planning groups.  As planning efforts were completed, and no new plans were in the works, we began calling this Watershed Management.  A few of these groups continue to implement priority actions from their Watershed Plans.  See 2015-17 grant information below.

Watershed Grant Information

2017-19 Grant Funding Opportunity

2015-17 Grant Awards

Ecology has awarded grants for 12 projects that will improve water supplies, stream flow and instream habitat conditions around the state. For more information:

Healthy Watersheds, Healthy People

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Watershed Plan Development and Adoption Status Map - September 2012

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