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Washington Conservation Corps

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Washington Conservation Corps is your chance to gain hands-on experience in the environmental field. As an AmeriCorps program, the WCC creates future leaders through community involvement and mentorship. WCC has over 350 members and experienced staff statewide who restore critical habitat, build trails and respond to local and national disasters.


BoardwalkLearn about member benefits and our application process.


Types of crews

CrewsLearn about opportunities with our restoration crews, spike crews, and trail crews.


Individual Placements

IPServe individually with foresters, educators, and natural resource organizations.


Now Recruiting!

Map of WCC Locations

Members: Now recruiting fulltime members! Please
review member positions page & application map before applying online.

Supervisors: Now recruiting in Southwest and North Puget Sound regions. View Supervisor FAQ or apply online to continuous applicant pool.


The WCC is housed within the Department of Ecology. Cooperation from the Departments of Natural Resources, Veteran Affairs, Fish and Wildlife, and State Parks provides additional resources and funding. In addition, we partner with over 50 local and federal organizations to accomplish environmental projects throughout Washington State. WCC consists of three subprograms: our original Corps Program, the Veteran Conservation Corps, and the Puget SoundCorps.

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