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Washington Conservation Corps

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply?

Applicant Requirements
  • Applicants must be 18-25 years of age on the first day of their service term.*
    *Age restrictions do not apply to Gulf War era II veterans, reservists, and dependents.

  • WCC crews have a designated meet up location, and travel to project locations together in a WCC truck. Members must provide for their own living arrangements and transportation to designated meet up locations. WCC provides food, lodging facilities, and transportation (or reimbursement) if travel is required.

  • Applicants commit to a 40 hours per week schedule and commit to a designated term of service (11-month, 6-month, or 4-month).

  • Applicants must meet one of the following citizenship requirements: U.S. Citizen; U.S. National; or Lawful Permanent U.S. Resident Alien.

  • Preference given to Washington state residents. Limited exceptions may be made in locations with an insufficient candidate pool.

  • AmeriCorps limits members to a maximum of 4 terms in any AmeriCorps program and state legislation limits service in the WCC program to a maximum of 2 years.

*Age restrictions are based on legislative mandate, limited exceptions may be made for veterans, leadership (non-member) positions, and participants with a sensory or mental disability.

How much will I earn?

Living Allowance

Earn the current Washington State minimum wage (2017 rate = $11/hour).

Are there other benefits I should know about?

Health Insurance

12-month WCC members are covered under a basic health insurance policy. Visit our forms page for a summary of benefits.

Childcare and Food Assistance

Assistance is available to those who qualify through DSHS.

GED Reimbursement

GED exam fee reimbursement is available for those who pass the exam successfully during their WCC term.

Will I earn money or credits for school?

AmeriCorps Education Award

The AmeriCorps Education Award is available to members upon completion of service.

Full-term positions (12 months) earn a $5,775 education award. Half-term positions (six months) earn $2,887.50. Quarter-term positions (four months) earn $1,527.45. More on the education award.

Earn College Credits

WCC is now offering opportunities to earn transferable college credits through a new partnership with Walla Walla Community College. Cultivated Plants, a course from Walla Walla Community College's Water Technology and Management and Agriculture degree program curriculum, will be part of WCC's training catalog in 2017. In addition, six months or up to two years of WCC service qualifies at Cooperative Work Experience credits within Walla Walla Community College's program requirements (non-transferable).

What if I have student loans?

Student Loans

Your qualified student loans can be deferred while you are enrolled in the program. You should ask your lender to be sure.

If your loans are eligible (typically government-backed student loans), AmeriCorps will pay for the interest that accrues while you are in the WCC upon successful completion of your service.

When can I apply?

Members: Now recruiting fulltime members! Please
review member positions page & application map before applying online.

Supervisors: Now recruiting in Southwest and North Puget Sound regions. View Supervisor FAQ or apply online to continuous applicant pool.

Recruitment Schedule:

The WCC operates on an AmeriCorps calendar, meaning each service year runs October through September, with a break between service years. When positions open, interviews are conducted on a continuous basis until vacancies are filled. Submitting your application early is recommended to ensure consideration.

11-month positions - Applications accepted beginning in July for a start date in October.

6-month positions - Applications accepted beginning in February for a start date in April.

4-month positions - Applications accepted beginning in May for a start date in June.

Will I receive training?

WCC Training

No experience? No problem! WCC members receive on-the-job training on field topics such as native plant identification, tool use, safety techniques and more. WCC members also receive two formal training courses each year to introduce members to topics of their choice. Many of these courses offer members the opportunity to earn valuable, career-transferable certifications upon completion.

What types of crews could I join?

WCC offers restoration crews, trail crews and spike crews across the state. Visit our crew types page for more about each of these crew types, including typical schedule and projects.

Check out a variety of WCC AmeriCorps projects in our Flickr album and story map!

What is an Individual Placement position?

Individual Placements

We offer an internship program within WCC called the WCC Individual Placement (IP) Program. These are typically limited to 12-month positions. IPs serve natural resource organizations throughout the state of Washington. They assist biologists, foresters and environmental educators. IPs perform the following types of projects:

  • Engaging in environmental research
  • Creating outreach materials to recruit volunteers for environmental projects and/or inform the public about environmental topics
  • Assisting with monitoring projects
  • Designing restoration projects

Because of the technical nature of these positions, a college degree is preferred, but not required.

Candidates accepting one of these positions will be committing to a full year of AmeriCorps service. Transfer to other WCC positions for IP members will not be approved.

Visit our Individual Placement page to see where our IPs are serving this year!

Will I deploy on Disaster Response?

Disaster Response

Four of our WCC crews are designated disaster response crews, though any crew has the potential to deploy.

During disaster response (national or local), members may be required to stay away from home for up to 30 days at a time. Housing accommodations provided may consist of a campsite, community center basement, or other makeshift locations while serving on a disaster response. These are rigorous assignments so please be sure you are up to the challenge before applying to one of these crews.

National or local disaster response deployment could involve the following projects:

  • Flood and landslide control
  • Tornado and hurricane assistance
  • Wildland fire operations
  • Volunteer and shelter management

See past examples of WCC disaster response.

I'm an alum. Are there resources for me?

My AmeriCorps - Paperless Education Awards

My AmeriCorps presents information that will help you before, during, and after your service. ALL alum information was migrated to this site, beginning in 2008. Now, using your Education Award is easier than ever! You can also retrieve your past tax information, print a letter that verifies your AmeriCorps service, and more. Check it out today at https://my.americorps.gov.

WCC on Facebook

The WCC has an open Facebook page and a closed WCC Alums Facebook group. Please join our Facebook group for information specific to our Alums, including job announcements, networking with other Alums, and staying in touch!

AmeriCorps Alums Website

There is a service for AmeriCorps Alums, providing information for job and volunteer opportunities, resources, alum events, education award assistance, and much more! This website serves as a virtual community, connecting AmeriCorps alumni around the country to one another and to a lifetime of service. Visit and register (for free) at: http://www.americorpsalums.org/. Additional resources at: http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/alumni.

Eli Segal Fellowship

To honor Eli Segal and continue his work of advancing national service in America, the Corporation for National and Community Service is pleased to announce the Eli Segal Fellowship Program. For more details, please visit: http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/segal-americorps-education-award.