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Washington Conservation Corps

WCC's Veteran Conservation Corps

Empowering military veterans to continue their service

Creosote removal

The transition from military to AmeriCorps service enables veterans to continue serving their communities and country by gaining new skills, certifications and experience in the environmental field.

Veterans are encouraged to apply for all WCC member positions, including our Veteran Conservation Corps crews. Visit our FAQ page for more details.

Projects supported by military veterans in the WCC

Creosote removal in Kingston

Veteran Conservation Corps members help restore and protect Washington's environment through the following types of restoration projects:

  • Removing beach debris and structures that damage shoreline habitat
  • Planting, maintaining, and preserving urban and native trees and shrubs
  • Restoring marine and near shore habitat
  • Repairing and replanting streamside habitat
  • Building and maintaining backcountry and urban trails
  • Backcountry and urban bridge construction
  • Removing invasive weeds
  • Restoration site monitoring and stream sampling

In addition to helping restore and protect Washington's environment, Veteran Conservation Corps members assist citizens in Washington and across the nation during floods, fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Learn more about the WCC disaster response program.


Benefits for military veterans in the WCC

WCC members on fire line

As WCC members, veterans earn the state minimum wage and a $5,775 AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion of the program. They can use the award to repay loans or toward future tuition expenses as a supplement to any GI Bill benefits earned. They can also attend a series of paid trainings at a WCC conference. Certifications include Wilderness First Responder, Hazardous Waste Operator, and Wildland Firefighting.

The WCC also provides transitional assistance and aid in providing contacts and information for the many programs available to veterans.


The Veteran Conservation Corps is made possible by a partnership with the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Veterans Affairs, and United States Forest Service. The 2011 Puget SoundCorps legislation provided funding for veteran-specific opportunities and waived the 18-25 age requirement for Gulf War Era Military Veterans.

Learn more about Crew Supervisor positions in the WCC.