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Washington Conservation Corps

Serve outdoors on a WCC field crew!

Restoration Crews

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Our restoration crews serve on public lands to improve habitat for fish and wildlife. Typical projects include:

  • Planting native trees and shrubs along rivers and streams
  • Removing invasive species
  • Implementing erosion control techniques
  • Participating in salmon recovery projects
  • Establishing in-stream structures and channels
  • Constructing livestock exclusionary fencing
  • Collecting marine debris from coastal beaches

Want to apply to a WCC restoration crew? Check out our FAQ page for hiring status and more.


Trail Crews

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Typical trail crew projects involve:

  • Constructing or improving recreational trails
  • Building bridges and boardwalks
  • Upgrading and maintaining campgrounds
  • Installing environmental education facilities
WCC trail crews collaborate with state and national parks, and sometimes city parks as well. When weather or access prevents trail projects, these crews support restoration projects instead.

Note on backcountry projects: These crews have a designated meet up location. From there, crews will travel to the project location in a WCC truck, and often hike several miles to establish camp where they will stay for four to eight days at a time (WCC calls these 'spikes'). Backcountry trail projects occur throughout the spring and summer (weather permitting) and typically involve a heavy amount of camping. These are rigorous assignments, so please be sure you are up to the challenge before applying to one of these crews.

Want to apply to a WCC trail crew? Check out our FAQ page for hiring status and more.

Spike Crews

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Spike crews travel around the state to complete short-term projects for our partnering agencies. For this reason, spike crew projects vary monthly and even weekly, and involve a wide variety of project types. These crews have a designated meet up location, and travel to the project location together in a WCC truck.

Depending on the project, typical weeks are either 4-day spikes (Monday - Thursday) or 8-day spikes (Thursday - Thursday).

Projects may include:

  • Restoration
  • Trail improvements
  • Construction
  • Fencing
  • And more!

Want to apply to a WCC spike crew? Check out our FAQ page for hiring status and more.