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Washington Conservation Corps

About the WCC

The WCC was created in 1983 as a program within the Washington State Department of Ecology. The WCC is modeled after the great Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s and 40s. The program provides profesional experience and skills for projects that support conservation, rehabilitation, and enhancement of the states natural, historic, environmental and recreational resources.

The WCC has been an AmeriCorps program since 1994. AmeriCorps funding has enabled us to offer the AmeriCorps Education Award to our members and diversify the service experience for members.

Today the WCC has nearly 300 members completing projects in every part of the state. Our WCC partners include a diverse network of over 100 federal, local, state, and non-profit organizations including National Forests, National Parks, Conservation Districts, State and Local natural resource agencies, Tribes and others.

Our Mission Statement:

To conserve and enhance the natural resources of Washington and to help young adults enrich themselves by providing a meaningful service experience.


As an AmeriCorps program, the WCC creates future leaders through community involvement and mentorship. WCC has over 350 members and experienced staff statewide who restore critical habitat, build trails and respond to local and national disasters.

The purpose of the Washington Conservation Corps (RCW 43.220) is to provide individuals, ages 18-25*, with learning and experience while addressing resource conservation needs. Members of the Washington Conservation Corps are offered a series of formal and informal learning experiences. While participating in the program, Corps members gain an appreciation for Washington's natural resources and begin to understand the value of resource conservation activities.

*Age restrictions are based on legislative mandate, limited exceptions may be made for veterans, leadership positions, and participants with a sensory or mental disability.

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