Corpsmember Stories:

Stories by Curt Hart and Nancy Jackson, ECY Communication & Education – HQ

Corpsmember Photos:

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Wal Mart building after hurricane

Wreckage on roadside

Makeshift memorial for loved ones lost to Katrina

Warning to looters

WCC members awestruck by rubble on beach

Truck tossed into building by Hurricane Katrina

WCC members assist FEMA and the Christian Contractors Association with placing tarps on rooftops

Operation Blue Roof

WCC members Vanessa Lott and Will Simpson work along side Scott Jager from the Christian Contractors Association

Destruction left behind by Katrina

WCC member uses chainsaw to buck fallen tree

This house was left standing, barely

Surveying the wreckage

Photo credits: Rows 1-2: Ronnie Hoover, Row 3: William Sand, Row 4: Chris Humann.