WCC Puget SoundCorps

WCC crew removes creosote logs from Shaw Island

In 2011, the Washington State Legislature passed House Bill 1294 folding all existing Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) activities into the state Department of Ecology (Ecology). This new consolidated program serves the following state agencies:

A critical part of this multi-agency effort is the creation of the Puget SoundCorps – which is part of the broader WCC AmeriCorps program administered by Ecology. Puget SoundCorps crews work on critical projects to help restore and protect Puget Sound.

SoundCorps is creating jobs while cleaning up state lands across the 12-county Puget Sound region. By combining our resources, we are effectively and efficiently helping carry out the Puget Sound Partnership’s Action Agenda – the single playbook for prioritizing and focusing Puget Sound recovery and protection efforts.

Helping young adults and veterans, benefiting Puget Sound

According to the Washington Department of Employment Security, the unemployment rate in Washington for young adults, ages 18 to 25 and veterans returning from war is nearly 20 percent.

The Puget SoundCorps employs young adults and veterans – building their job skills while they earn money to continue their education and help clean up Puget Sound.

Example work

The Puget SoundCorps completes a wide array of work activities including:


Puget SoundCorps accepts 18-25 year olds* who are willing to work hard. Previous experience is not required. SoundCorps members must provide their own transportation and living accommodations.

Training/ Education

All SoundCorps members receive first aid and career skills training. They also get specialized training to help assess wetlands, use electronic equipment, fight fires and support other types of emergency incidents. Members who complete a year of service receive a $5,775 AmeriCorps Education Award that can be used for future tuition expenses or repaying student loans.

Work Schedule

Puget SoundCorps crews typically work 40 hours per week 7am – 5:30pm (Monday through Thursday).

Service Assignments and Locations

The Puget SoundCorps consist of five person crews working in various locations, (five members and a supervisor) based upon their interests, location and availability.


SoundCorps members earn the state minimum wage (currently $9.47 an hour) and receive a $5,775 AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion. They also receive medical benefits and educational loan forbearance is available on qualified loans serving in the Puget SoundCorps.

How to Apply

We accept applications beginning July for full term (12 month) positions with a start date in October. 6-month and 4-month vacancies open in January and April. Learn more about member positions.

*Age restrictions are based on legislative mandate; limited exceptions may be made for veterans, leadership positions, and participants with a sensory or mental disability.

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