WCC's Veteran Conservation Corps Empowers Military Veterans to Continue Their Service!

WCC members work with a helicopter crew to remove creosote from beaches

Veterans are encouraged to apply for all WCC member positions, including our Veteran Conservation Corps crews. These crews are engaged in work that helps support the Puget Sound Partnership’s Action Agenda to return the Sound to a healthy environmental condition by 2020.

Now Recruiting!

Member Positions:
We are now recruiting 12-month members!
Please review member positions page &
application map before applying online.

Supervisor Positions:
We are not currently recruiting supervisors.
To apply to enter the continuous application
pool for future supervisor vacancies,
visit our supervisor page.

In addition to helping restore and protect Washington’s environment, they provide environmental education and volunteer opportunities for thousands of residents of all ages, and assist citizens in Washington and across the nation during floods, fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters. More on disaster response...

Crews perform a wide variety of conservation work throughout the state. Some examples include:

As members, veterans earn the state minimum wage and a $5,730 AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion of the program. They can use the award to repay student loans or toward future tuition expenses as a supplement to any GI Bill benefits earned. They also attend a series of paid trainings throughout the year such as advanced wilderness first aid, wild land firefighting and pumps and saws, and flood and hazardous material response. More on training...

The WCC also provides transitional assistance and aid in providing contacts and information for the many programs available to Veterans. This transition from military to AmeriCorps service will enable veterans to continue serving their communities and country while gaining new skills, certifications and experience in the environmental field.

The Veteran Conservation Corps is made possible by a partnership with the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Veterans Affairs, and United States Forest Service. The 2011 Puget SoundCorps legislation provided funding for veteran-specific opportunities and waived the 18-25 age requirement for Gulf War II Era military veterans.

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