Ecology's Web History

In August 2004 Ecology celebrated ten years on the Web. The evolution of Ecology's home page through this period is illustrated in a collection of selected versions of our home page. The current design was launched in March 2009.

The table below identifies selected milestones in Ecology's Web history beginning with the August 29, 1994 launch of Ecology's public Web site. This table identifies Web site features, applications, and usage.

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Web Features

Web Applications

Web Usage

* * * 1993-1995 Biennium * * *

Aug 1994 Ecology's public Web site launched as part of WA Dept. of Information Services' (DIS) Internet pilot project -
access/ecology/ecyhome.html; site was linked from "Home Page Washington".  (First Web page was created by CERN in Nov. 1990; working versions of first popular Web browser (Mosaic) were released in Sep. 1993.)

* * * 1995-1997 Biennium * * *

Jul 1995     Ecology's home page was "hit" approx. 50 times per weekday (estimated based on monthly data).
Dec 1995 Ecology's Web site migrated to production UNIX server at DIS --    
Nov 1996 Implemented first Ecology-specific search function using GLIMPSE.    
Jan 1997 Oldest archived version of Ecology's home page; provided high-level organization of content by function/activity, program, and geographic area. Through time, the programmatic organization of content became increasingly prominent until April 2001 when the functional organization ("Services") again was given equal visibility on the home page.    
Apr 1997?   SEPA Register released; Ecology’s first Internet application to provide dynamic content through database access; platform was shared Netscape Web server at DIS. (Developers: Randy Moore and CBSI)  

* * * 1997-1999 Biennium * * *

Jul 1997     Ecology's home page was "hit" approx. 250 times per weekday (estimated based on monthly data).
Sep 1997   Launched Facility/Site Identification System ("F/S on the Web") (Netscape Livewire/UNIX application) (Developers: Randy Moore and CBSI)  
Jan 1998   On-line Permit Assistance System (OPAS) launched. (Developer: Randy Moore)  
Jun 1998 Find-It! Washington launched by State Library; Ecology acknowledged as a leader among state agencies in metatagging Web sites to support search.  Find-It! was implemented as the search engine for Ecology's site sometime in the second half of CY 1998.    
Aug 1998 News releases (titles with links to full news releases) added to Ecology's home page. News releases had been published on the Web site since April 1995, but were accessible only from a secondary page.    
Nov 1998 Access Washington launched by DIS; Ecology was first agency to adopt @WA "look and feel"; Permit Assistance Center site highlighted in Governor's press conference.    
Feb 1999?   EPIC database deployed (staff directory including subject referral). (Developers: Randy Moore and PSSG)  

* * * 1999-2001 Biennium * * *

Jul 1999   Shorelands Aerial Photos deployed (Ecology's first Internet GIS application). (Developers: Michael Heiser and Dan Saul) Ecology's Web site was visited 1,709 times per weekday.
Late 1999   BiblioMaker deployed; intranet application generates bibliographic summaries for Internet and manages electronic publications on the Internet Web site. (Developer: Steve Barrett)  
Jan 2000 Set up five listserv e-mail lists via DIS.    
Sep 2000 Ecology's production Web site migrated from shared UNIX server to dedicated Windows server; "staging" server also implemented; address changed from to    
Oct 2000 Implemented Microsoft Index Server as Ecology's search engine.

Privacy notice published.
Dec 2000 Find-It! Consumer launched by State Library; Ecology is one of six state agency sponsors.    
Apr 2001 New site design implemented including templates for high-level and lower level pages with style sheets. Retained @WA "look and feel"; reduced programmatic orientation of high-level navigation.    
Jun 2001 External content policy published.    

* * * 2001-2003 Biennium * * *

Jul 2001     Ecology's Web site was visited 4,441 times per weekday.
Aug 2001   Facility/Site Atlas deployed (Ecology's first interactive mapping tools on the Internet). (Developer: Dan Saul and ESRI)  
Jan 2002   Ecology Grant Recipient Invoice Preparation System (eGRIPS) deployed. (Developers: Tommy Eden and Shawn Sesna)  
May 2002   Environmental Information Management (EIM) System Release 1.0 deployed (pre-built data downloads by study, WRIA, and county). (Developer: EJ Julio)  
Jun 2002 See June 27, 2002 news release    
Nov 2002   EIM Release 2.6 deployed (database query with GIS-based mapping of sampling locations). (Developers: EJ Julio and Dan Saul)  
Dec 2002 Non-English language portals added to Ecology's Web site. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese provided initially. Russian added later.    
Apr 2003   Completed publication of Ecology's external forms via BiblioMaker.  
May 2003   Public Events Calendar launched.  
    Redeveloped On-line Permit Assistance System and Environmental Permit Handbook launched. (Developer: Michael Heiser)  
Jun 2003 New site design implemented (smaller font size).    

* * * 2003-2005 Biennium * * *

Jul 2003 Non-English language portals added to @WA; Ecology proposed project and Ecology's Translation and Interpretation Review Teams provided staff support.

See July 17, 2003 news release.
  Ecology's Web site was visited 8,345 times per weekday (non-Ecology visitors only).
Oct 2003   Implemented National Environmental Information Exchange Network (NEIEN or Exchange Network) node and production data flow from F/SID to EPA's FRS (first in nation). (Developers: Miles Neale, Mike Heiser and Windsor Solutions)

EIM Release 3.0 deployed (database search with map interface). (Developers: EJ Julio and Dan Saul)
Apr 2004 Ecology's search functionality (Microsoft Index Server) replaced by Custom Ask George search service provided by DIS. Ecology was one of the early users of this service along with the Governor's Office, the State Investment Board, and the Traffic Safety Commission.    
July 2004 New site design implemented (simpler navigation)   Ecology's Web site was visited 10,863 times per weekday (non-Ecology visitors only).
Aug 2004 Celebration of 10th anniversary of Ecology's Web site!    
Jun 2005 Site index launched. (Developer: Eric Lindberg)    

* * * 2005-2007 Biennium * * *

Jul 2005 Custom Ask George search upgrade implemented.   Ecology's Web site was visited 14,758 times per weekday (non-Ecology visitors only).
Nov 2005 "Conditions of Use" added to Site Information page.    
Jun 2006 Major site redesign implemented with more extensive use of photos in top-level pages; new "Air", "Land", "Water", and "Waste" pages; link to each program from global navigation; and new "How Do I" section on home page.    
Jul 2006 See July 11, 2006 news release.   Ecology's Web site was visited 26,561 times per weekday (non-Ecology visitors only; substantial "bot" traffic suspected).
Oct 2006 Began extending Jun 2006 redesign with additional templates for lower-level pages and "brochure" sites.    
Dec 2006 Added RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed for news.    
Dec 2006-Jan 2007 Conducted user survey on all "templated" pages.    

* * * 2007-2009 Biennium * * *

Jul 2007     Ecology's Web site was visited 15,082 times per weekday (no "bots").
Sep 2007- Dec 2007 Conducted benchmark usability study using three user groups: small business, government, and citizens.    
Apr 2008-Aug 2008 Migrated Ecology's development environment to the Interwoven TeamSite content management system hosted by DIS.    
Jul 2008 Added "AddThis" bookmark button to Ecology home page.   Ecology's Web site was visited 15,783 times per weekday (no "bots").
Sep 2008   Implemented version 2.0 of the Exchange Network node including flows for FRS, RCRA Handlers, PNW Water Quality Exchange, Fish Tissue data with the WA State Dept. of Health and the new Geographic Location Finder service. Washington was the first state in the nation to migrate to version 2.0 and the Geographic Location Finder service was the first like it in the nation. (Developers: Miles Neale, Bill Kellum and Windsor Solutions)  
Oct 2008-Nov 2008 Conducted on-line "card sort" exercise for top-level navigation on Ecology's Web site.    
Feb 2009 Removed links to Find-It! Washington and Find-It! Consumer search services following announcement by the State Library of the upcoming discontinuation of service. (The State Library subsequently found resources to allow it to continue the Find-It! Washington service.)    
Mar 2009 New site design implemented with topical primary navigation and improved visibility of information on the agency's top priorities. Also improved consistency of navigation throughout site.    
May 2009 Conducted a user survey as follow-up to the Dec 2006-Jan 2007 survey and the Mar 2009 redesign.    
Jun 2009 Deployed an Ecology YouTube channel ( and an Ecology blog site (    

* * * 2009-2011 Biennium * * *

Jul 2009     Ecology's Web site was visited 15,040 times per weekday (no "bots").
Aug 2009 Established an Ecology Twitter account (    
Oct 2009 Replaced Custom Ask George search service provided by DIS with Microsoft's Bing search service. DIS discontinued its Ask George search services.    
Nov 2009 Improved support of users of mobile devices by adding mobile sub-domains ( and with content tailored for such users.    
Jul 2010 Added FaceBook account at (   Ecology's Web site was visited 15,076 times per weekday (no "bots").
Aug 2010 Added link to One Front Door to Washington's Outdoors.

Added use of WordPress to support on-line forums (
Feb 2011 Implemented new design of top-level pages; pages centered and widened.    

* * * 2011-2013 Biennium * * *

Jul 2011     Ecology's Web site was visited 17,607 times per weekday (no "bots").
Jan 2012 Converted search to supported by the U.S. General Services Administration.