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Citizen Guide: Shoreline Master Programs Updates

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Find my local Shoreline Master Program update

Provide comments to Ecology on my SMP

Shoreline programs are amended to reflect changes in law, zoning or local conditions. There are two categories of amendments: comprehensive and limited.

Your local government must send SMP amendments to Ecology for approval once it is locally adopted. Ecology holds a public comment period each time an SMP is amended. Both your local government and Ecology want your input on changes to the local SMP. Tips for participating in changes to your SMP

Please visit your city or county page to learn how to share your comments with Ecology. If your city or county isn’t listed below or on the limited amendment page, an opportunity for formal public comment isn’t currently available.

Comprehensive amendments open for public comment

Limited Amendments

Limited amendments open for public comment and more

What are shoreline master programs (SMPs)?

What are the Guidelines? 

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